The Invention
Williams Power Injection Systems - WPIS

Benefits end user and manufacturer

The Invention

Compared to the current techniques in the automotive industry the impact of Williams Power Injection System results into:
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Less CO2/NOX/SO2
  • Less parts
  • Greater reliability
  • Multi fuel/gas configuration possibilities
  • Low production costs
  • Maintenance free

WPIS - The invention

The Invention
After many years of experimenting with and designing innovative fuel systems Mr. Anthony Williams invented the WPIS injector. WPIS is a fuel/air mixing device applied to fuel engine systems in numerous applications and market segments worldwide. Mr. Anthony WilliamsThe WPIS injector, as opposed to traditional carburettors, has less parts, a better fuel efficiency and less CO2 production and lower cost than any other existing application.

It Iooks like a carburettor but functions like a fuel injector. The principle of the WPIS is simple, it has been proven and it has been patented worldwide and published on the Espacenet.

Direct injection
Fuel delivery systems manufacturers in the automotive industry have a challenge to develop reliable components, along with the constraints put upon them by European legislation to reduce emissions under financial penalty of non compliance.

In summary, the prime reason to install the WPI system is to reduce emissions, lower installation costs, improve reliability, and gain flexibility of fuel choice. All of these qualities are intrinsic in the WPIS.

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